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Enabling you to live independently in your home.

What We Do

Careservicing4u facilitate the process of finding and hiring care professionals. We operate a ‘self-managed model of care’ for approved self-employed health care workers and care recipients to connect and  arrange home care service agreements between each other.

Careservicing4u.com aspire to the fundamental standards of the Care Quality Commission and expect all our carers and care recipients  to equally aspire to meet these standards. These standards govern the basis on which we provide our services.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of care to clients  who need care attendance but wish to live in their home. To achieve this aim we recruit, trained staff and match them to the client’s specific needs. By this means Careservicing4u is able to deliver the high quality  care to those in need: helping them to live safer, happier and more fulfilling lives in their own home. We work to maintain their independence, and treat them with dignity, and respect.

Our Carers

We are selective about who we hire, and have a strict recruitment process that only hires care professionals whose working profiles and references are of proven high standards. This involves DBS check, the requirement of four competence and character-based references, as well as evidence of extensive training programme.

The Matching Process

Our Carers are introduced to your loved ones before working with them to enable them to become familiar with each other. we always try to match your loved ones with professionals who share like interests.

Our values

We adhere to care standards not only because we are legally required to do so, but because we believe that the character of our carers for you should express:

Kindness: our care professionals are compassionate and considerate towards your loved ones,

always aiming to be helpful and attentive to their needs.        

Dedication: we are committed to improving the quality of life of your loved ones enabling them to live more safer independent fulfilling lives.

Respect: we promote diversity and inclusiveness. We support all cultures, and communications and respect the wishes of how your loved ones want to receive care.

Dignity: our care professionals will promote the dignity of your loved ones by respecting their privacy and giving them choices and control as to how we care for them.

Compassion: our care professionals are patient, kind and thoughtful; always listening and striving to understand your loved ones’ needs.

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